Enjoy the fun with our T-shirts

Everybody wants to be original. We can express our style, religion or opinion by the clothing. For this reason, there are thousands of motives from different designers, which we like to wear on the t-shirts, eventually, we want to create our own motive. Also the pregnant women want to express themselves and that is the reason, why we came out on the market with a new brand of the pregnant clothing
EDITH AMMER, which is especially produced for the printmaking.

Although, that we offer our products for further distribution for a great price, the quality stands on the first place. The base of our products is always comfortable material, which is cozy for wearing and in which they feel great. We select the best cotton, but also other natural material, such as bamboo and soja. The quality of sewing and the cutting guarantees, that the mother enjoys and uses our t-shirts since the first until the last month of pregnancy. We also prepare the t-shirts, that can be used during lactation.

You can use our products for the most of the printing methods, such as Screen printing, transfers, inkjet printing – direct to garment, embroidery). That means, that we offer our t-shirts blank, without any printings and they are produced to be sold to other producers and printers, which finilize the final product.